Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Search of Spring

While still not balmy, this morning's sunny and 48 degrees brought our smiles back. Both girls demanded to be free by 8 AM, so the backyard has been a busy place.

And looking back, we have hit all of the spring milestones, even if the in between times have been marked by drizzly imprisonment. We dropped off our annual May baskets around the block before heading to South Dakota.

The Minnesota Zoo Babies exhibit once again followed an early morning, outside egg hunt.

 It hasn't been the spring we would choose, but I guess we've made the most of it!

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Anna Scott Graham said...

You might wish to slap me, but we've had an odd spring too; our first taste of summer only just arrived, and for California, that's belated.

Your girls are screaming with color; if nothing else, spring was willed into being!


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