Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Meet the Chicken Ladies

The residents of Dove il Coop are more than satisfied with their new accommodations.

They have grown a bit more tame, and a bit more fluffy, each day as they work up their courage to eat cracked corn out of Maya's hand in spite of the likelihood of a little rough petting. Joe and I, and even the odd house guest, have handled most of them enough to learn their personalities.

They are officially pets, and unless desperate times arise, they will never see the inside of a stew pot!

Here they are:

This is Maya's chicken. She named her Clementine (with a curious nickname, Gorgo). Poor Clem is easily spooked, which is frustrating for Maya. She is also the only Black Sexlink chicken we've got, and she seems to be a bit lonely. We'll cheer her up though.

Below is a picture of Big Bertha (the White Rock) and Rosie (the Rhode Isle Red named after Lynn Rosetta Casper). It's hard to take a picture of these two when they aren't eating. They are extremely tame, speedy, and greedy.

Here Maya is chasing down Ina (Barefoot Contessa, anyone?). Ina is pretty tame, as well, and she tries to stick with Rosie whenever possible. We have a bit of a racial segregation problem among the ladies. They don't fight, but it does contribute to Clem's grumpy mood, since she doesn't have a partner.

Below is Gladys. She is nearly as timid as Clem, but in her effort to stay near Bertha, she must build up enough courage to come near us. Any quick movement sends her wobbling for the coop, though. Our teenage neighbor, who attended a metro-area grade school that had chickens, believes the White Rocks, Gladys and Bertha, are both nearly ready to lay.

Elliot doesn't get to enter the chicken run all that often, but she finds other ways to entertain herself.

What a summer!

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