From the Mouths of Babes

 "Did you know that a lot of Americans have been falling down. And they can't get up. And one of them even got pneumonia!" said a very distressed Maya.
"Have you been watching commercials again?" Mom, aware of how deeply influenced Maya is by ALL commercials, whether they peddle plumbing equipment, cell phones, or the clapper.
"Yes. There is a necklace you can buy that brings help if you fall. We should get one."

"But I have human rights!"
~Maya's most hilarious rebuttal to "no you can't have more chocolate milk," 2/14/2011

"Yes, mom. You are my best. Forever."
~Elliot, 2/2011

"Hey Elliot. I don't get to see you that much, since I'm always at school. And someday I'll go to college and I won't even live here. But I'll get weekends off, so I'll always come see you. Then we can play!
~Maya to Elliot, crawling in her bed in the early hours of the morning. 2/9/2011

"So, how does the baby get in there?"
~Maya, at Thanksgiving dinner. We stuttered profusely and said something about finding a book at the library!

"I'm very big. I'm close to 5. And I'm climbing and climbing so strong."
~Elliot, a few days shy of her 3rd birthday, climbing at Emerald park, 9/2010

“When I grow up, I’ll never ever pick there to be war…”
~Maya, during a patriotic DGT activity, 9/2010

"I'm loosing my words."
~Elliot, in a very raspy voice when she woke up with a cold. 9/18/2010

"If Elliot bugs me three times, I'm going to sleep in your room."
~Maya, compulsively... every. single. evening. since her sister stalked her the first few nights after she moved into a big girl bed.... It's been a year! -9/15/2010

"Sometimes sisters are hard to control,"
~Maya the sage, at dinner in 9/10 as she watched us try to keep Elliot in her seat

"Hey Mom, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Hmm, I don't know. Am I thinking what you are thinking?"
*giggles* "Noooo, you're not thinking what I'm thinking!"
~Elliot, adorable and almost 3

"Excuse me, is it my turn to talk?"
~Elliot, almost 3

"We're running out of time,"
~Maya, 5 years old

"Look, the moon is following me."
~Elliot looking at the smile-shaped moon above her.

"I hope there are no gray tabbies, because we really don't need any more cats!"
~2-18-10, Maya on a family trip to petco for pet food. She used to delight in visiting the animals there... now she knows her parents are not to be trusted.

"Here, you can have it Maya."
~2-18-10, Elliot said these unremarkable word in the most remarkable way. While Maya sat a time out for clobbering Elliot and trying to take away her bunny purse, Elliot offered the purse while patting Maya's back tenderly.

"Holy Turkeys! This is the best meat ever!!"
~2-16-10, Maya commenting on that evening's pot roast

"The cwabby witch stole my faiwy dust. We have to wescue it!"
~12-14-09, Elliot making up an adventure game while Maya is away at preschool

"I own-ly wan tyoo, mama."
~12-14-09, Elliot, before I leave to do anything

"I have an IDEA."
~9/09 - Elliot, before doing anything.

"It's okay, mama. If you want to write, we can go play in the sandbox and I can take care of Elliot while you write your stories next to us."
~6/14/09 Maya calming Mama during an.... emotional moment

"I love you... SOOOooo Much."
~6/13/09 Elliot, snuggling with Daddy after he got home from work

"My name is Elliot"
~4/1/09 seriously, at 19 months, it's a big trick to be able to answer the question "What is your name?"

"I wan dink o wata!"
~Elliot, always shouted as major order

"Hey dad..." pause for effect, "I'm getting oooold."
~Maya, clearly daughter of parents who complain about turning 30

"I want a cookie!"
~ Elliot, on the way downstairs to get breakfast

"Mom, I told daddy you were getting really strong, and he said, 'cool'."
~Maya after I gave both girls a piggyback ride to the house, simultaneously.

"Gee, I sure wish the love bugs would come back."
~Maya during an April candy craving

"Why is there a pen mark on Elle's head?"
"I did it. I just wanted her to be blue all over so she could be a smurf."

"Thank you"
~Elliot, every time anyone hands her something she wants

"No, No, NO"
~Elliot, every time anyone hands her something she doesn't want.

"I don't like broccoli... I only like fudge pops."
~Maya, who hasn't ever had a fudge pop... that I KNOW of...

"Maya, Maya, Maya, Maya... Let's Go!"
One of Elle's first sentences... in her effort to pry Maya from a tv show

"Mama, have I had dessert yet?"~Maya
"Yes" ~Mama
"What was it?" ~Maya
"A Chocolate Santa." ~ Mama
"Hmmm..." ~Maya, dismissively and with an air of disdain

"Holy Cannoli!"
~Maya, all the time

"Pot... Pot... Pot."
~Elliot, frequently pleading to use the potty, meaning she wants to sit on it and unroll the TP

"Catch me."
~ Maya to daddy, while sitting on his lap
"I've already got you."
~ Daddy, looking confused

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