Thursday, August 7, 2008


I have my own Jehovah's Witness conversion team.

They come every other week, right at lunch time. This leaves me no possibility of, um, laying low so to speak. As they approach the door they wave to my girls, and it's mostly impossible for me to keep an eye out for their car amid the chaos of feeding my wee beasties.

So we chat. Thankfully I've outgrown my impulse to challenge beliefs I don't agree with, or I would be stuck for who knows how long. Instead, I gracefully accept the latest Watch Tower, receive my bible verse, and internally roar with laughter over the irony of all their effort on the most solidly, emphatically agnostic person I know.

I once heard that they feel horribly guilty whenever they have free time that isn't spent saving the souls of others, as though they were personally sending them to... well, you know. I feel as though I'm offering them a kindness by receiving their information.

My neighbor just thinks I'm starved for adult contact. Whatever...

Maya usually hovers near the door with me, asking all sorts of difficult questions afterwards. Trying to answer her honestly is difficult, and makes me very thankful that we'll be taking her to the Unitarian Universalist Sunday school in St. Paul starting in September. Her preschool class is called Spirit Play and emphasizes stories from many different faiths as a way to learn kindness and respect. Sounds like a good start to me.

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Erik said...


Thanks for the comments - this is the Sarah I knew at Concordia, yes?

It would be great to catch up!


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