Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Suddenly Summer

Oh, my aching feet! We have devoured this pseudo summer day, not wasting a moment in the house. Elle and I were two kindred spirits in the forest this morning. We discovered two new trails in our favorite park. We watched a doe and her fawn dash across a pond and a rather large toad hop lazily across the bike trail.

 Elle will be an excellent camper! For more than two hours she was an eager adventurer, entertained by tossing sticks into ponds and tracking what wildlife is available in our urban park. We couldn't have had more fun together, even as Pip jumped and stretched and insisted that he needs more room!

Reunited with Maya and some friends, we had a lovely garden party lunch. The girls even ran in the sprinklers!

So now, at the end of the day, my feet are declaring that I am, in fact, 8 months pregnant, reminding me to pace myself as the weather gets warmer and over-doing it gets all too easy.

I'll leave you with one last quote. The girls were swinging on Mother's Day, as they do nearly every day now. Elle only just learned to pump her legs last week, and she could happily swing all day long. Of the many drawings, kisses, and re-gifted dress-up jewelry they gave me last weekend, their best Mother's Day gift was the following exchange:

Maya, ever the encouraging big sister: "Elliot, you are doing such a good job pumping."
Elliot, in love with her big sister as only little sisters can be: "Thanks, Maya. It's because you taught me how."

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