Monday, May 2, 2011

Seasonal Affective Grumpiness!

Snowflakes? Really?

I realize blogging about the weather is less than worthless, but here we are again, captives in our own house. Watching the grass grow tall enough to mow before we even get a chance to get any grass stains. When we do try to get outside, the chickens don't even bother leaving the warmth of their coop. The kids are cold after 15 minutes and we all end up back inside!

The result, of course, is general restlessness... and grumpiness. A morning playdate ended early when five kids got too wound up to be contained by one house. Rest time began early when two little girls who are usually best friends couldn't decide whether to play kitties or horses and dissolved into an extremely rare hitting match!

All I want to do is watch a movie marathon and dig into the ice cream hiding out in the freezer. But no, even at 32 weeks pregnant, I can't let myself give in completely. While this growing baby flips and flops in his own increasingly cramped quarters, we'll try to find a new way to build a fort out of the same two sheets and three chairs that have sustained us since that first snowfall in mid-November.

Oh, and dance party! There is always dance party.


Erik said...

So it's not just at our house! Erik is in Montreal and I am stuck with two grumpy girls. Alas the sun will come out in a couple of days!


Anna Scott Graham said...

Thinking cheery and soon to be very sunny thoughts for you all!


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