Monday, April 18, 2011

In Her Own Time

Maya prefers to do things in her own time. I've heard that some kids thrive best if pushed or prodded in the right direction. Not my Maya. Not Ever.

We learned that with the potty training fiasco of 2007-2008. We've learned it in a hundred different ways since.

Still, we're parents, we can't help but nudge a little. So last August when all of Maya's friends raced past on big kid bikes, we attempted to remove those pesky, noisy training wheels.

She wanted little to do with it. She was neither embarrassed by the training wheels nor interested in risking life and limb to master the balancing act of her bike. After a couple of afternoons stressing Joe's back, we let it go.

Then, on the first warm day this year (one of the few so far), she ran out to ride bikes with the neighbor kids. She asked her friend Lyndsey if she could try her bike for a minute (training wheel free). I stood there dumbfounded while my neighbor gave her a pointer or two, held the seat steady for a second, and then off Maya rode.

That's truly all there was to it. She's ready when she's ready. Let's hope I've learned that lesson for good now.

Meanwhile, her speed-racer little sister wants her wheels off too!

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Anna Scott Graham said...

They grow at such different rates, in sometimes opposing ways. What a great start to Maya's spring! (Can't wait to hear how Little Speed Racer goes...)


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