Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Name Suggestions Welcome

What in the world will we call this baby?

Not on our list: Joe Junior, anything requiring a matching mullet (see the cast of the show Earl), anything made up, and anything requiring us to fake a stronger connection to Norway than a general appreciation for lefse and for the trek made by our great-grandparents.

We like Max so very much, but our neighbor's dog and my Aunt's dog share that name...  

Which leaves the field pretty well wide open.

So let me hear them. What are your favorite names for sweet little boys who will become strong, kind men? Think novels, think movies, think grown ups you admire? (Joe's not biting on my suggestion of Wellstone as a first name).


Emily said...

I vote to go with MAX!! After the little cutie takes it over, nobody will relate it to the dogs!

Anna Scott Graham said...

Oh wow, this is a toughie! Spencer is one of my faves, Nick, Luke and Reese. What I found so funny when the hubby and I were in this situation was that he even CARED! We didn't choose our youngest's moniker until about two weeks out, and she's done well with it ever since! :)))

elacorn said...

Oh I love this part! I like Jack, Ashton, Dane, Alexander (Xander), and Cole, and you can never go wrong with a good strong name like, Eric- haha.... If you can go for a nordic name, we have a cousin named Gunnar :)

Sarah said...

Right on, Em!

Anna, it's so true. Whether you have the named planned months in advance or spend baby's first week deliberating, the end result grows on them... I got more than a few sideways glances when we named Elliot Rose, but now she's nothing but!

Ashton's on the list, Erika.... What of Garrick? It's my name of the day. Yesterday was Grady.

elacorn said...

Garrick is great!


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