Sunday, April 24, 2011

Did the Bunny Bring the Sun?

This morning's outdoor Easter egg hunt was everything they had hoped for!

Yesterday's egg coloring and nest-making project was a fun family event too!

At our house, for obvious reasons, Happy Easter is synonymous with Happy Spring. The bunny, the brightly colored eggs, the crafts, and the backyard hunt are all celebrations of rebirth and the sense of renewal that comes each spring.

No wonder, then, that Maya greeted this sunny morning (nearly before the sun rose) with the certainty that the Easter Bunny's best gift was the sun. We haven't seen it for two weeks, truly.

So today we can earnestly celebrate spring, good health, and all the bright shiny hopes this summer will bring. We'll do all of that at the Minnesota Zoo with the Animal Babies exhibit and our first  new bottle of sunscreen.

Happy Spring!


Anna Scott Graham said...

A most happy (if not a bit belated) Easter to you all! Love those pics, especially the ones with mum and dad!

elacorn said...

Happy Spring to you too! I love the nest craft. I will have to remember that for next year. :)


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