Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am no artist. My horse drawings are nearly indistinguishable from Maya's; my renditions of other animals are interchangeable. Somehow the sense of proportion and perspective inherent in my grandmother and my mother skipped me.

Now, I'm not saying my girls have much more artistic ability than I do, that remains to be seen. But I am impressed by their efforts to express themselves artistically. From spilling out immediate emotions (check out the angry-faced card Maya sent her dad when he tried to take her rocking chair to goodwill) to expressions of love and adventure, our art table is already a place for catharsis.

Maya's angry face.

Inside of Maya's card to dad. Excuse the kindergarten spelling.

Back page of her card. Once the card was complete, she wasn't upset anymore. Then Dad surprised her by bringing her chair back home!

Elle felt sympathy anger when Maya was upset. Here is her card for dad (it got crumpled, hence the shadows).

Elle's self-portrait. This is from a few weeks ago. It was the first time I've seen her try to draw a recognizable face.

Elle's family portrait. It's Maya, Mom, Elliot, Dad, and Baby.

My favorite... Elle says this is her thinking of mom's flowers, because she can't wait to see them again!

Maya's rendition of her Zoe Dog (stuffed animal).

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elacorn said...

Awe. Don't you just love the wonderful artwork?!


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