Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stumbling into Spring

Ahh, the babymoon. An advent of the modern tourism industry, surely, designed to eek the last bit of travel money out of us parents-to-be before all travel stops for a bit. Given time considerations and, um baby-girth-to-airline-seat ratios, we opted to drive north instead of fly south like the rest of the world.

As always, Superior was a balm to the soul.

We found a wonderful hike nearby, trudging through the slush to reach a lovely overlook. I've discovered the recipe for the perfect day for me: a vigorous, you might even say overly-challenging hike, followed by a massage, followed by a luxurious dinner.

As it turns out, the perfect day of the four we snagged away from the kids was also the only day Joe managed to do much of anything. The guy that miraculously avoided the plague that swept our house in March, who rarely gets a cold, was nearly motionless most of the weekend.

He still is. And apparently will be for some unknown number of weeks to come.

I won't dwell on the fact that at 29 weeks pregnant, this baby thing is just a shadow of the cumbersome challenge it's likely to become for the next 11 weeks. Or how badly I don't want to be sick during these last, fleeting weeks with the freedom to focus on the girls and snag extra sleep. I'm refraining from all google-based research on incubation periods and durations of illness.

Nope. Extra meditation. A lot of perspective. A little creative planning to make things easier on myself even as I give Joe all the leeway I can to get himself healthy as soon as possible. Perhaps a plea to whoever is operating that voodoo doll to let us loose....

I'm glad I shrugged off the notion of a complete second draft before June. There will be time again some other day. For now, bring on the lysol and wish us luck!


Robyn said...

You look awesome!! Not sure at this point if I would rather be back at 29 weeks or if I would like to be farther than 36 weeks...The 3rd child seems to be a little tougher on me than the other 2! Take care!!

Anna Scott Graham said...

What a beautiful mama you are looking! Hoping Joe rebounds quickly and ALL illnesses offer you a reprieve!!


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