Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love not War

While my own thoughts remain focused in Tahrir Square, Egypt, where the remarkable and beautifully peaceful protests have suddenly devolved into violence, the girls have turned their attention to the Love Bugs.

These fairy tale visitors are leaving the girls lovely little feel good notes, making Valentine's day less a holiday about romantic love and more a spirited celebration of love and kindness in general. Both girls have been asking if the Love Bugs will ever come back, and they are thrilled by the little visitors' return.

Certainly the sweet treats that accompany each note help increase their popularity. And the glittery footprints that appear in the dollhouse from time to time the kids interested.

Maya has converted one room and the balcony of the dollhouse into the Love Bugs house.

It's a fun distraction from the news, and it comes just in time. For a week I've been listening to public radio with Maya, helping her understand how brave it is that University students organized shifts to protect their library from looters, why the peaceful protectors joined hands to protect the Egyptian museum and hauled would-be looters to soldiers in order to keep chaos from breaking out.

This sudden, disheartening violence has forced me to turn off the audio saga of the Egyptian people. Now that the stories are too difficult to share with my little news enthusiast, I'm relegated to reading bits and pieces when I have time.

Still, I'm hoping for safety, peace, and freedom for the Egyptian people as quickly as they can attain it. I only wish there was some simple way I could help them with a bit of construction paper, glitter, and candy.

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Anna Scott Graham said...

What amazes me most is how quickly it sprung, and how leaders seem to think they can control it. This isn't the 1970's or '80's anymore, a whole new world out there.

I LOVE the Love Bugs!! What a fantastic concept...


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