Monday, January 31, 2011

Let the Shopping Begin

We dug out the crib yesterday. Sure it's early. And yes, we have no place to put it just yet.

Elle loves to make bread with me.

Listening to all my talk about a sporadically but powerfully kicking baby-to-be put Joe in the mood to check into our crib recall situation.

You remember the vast crib recall, of course. And ours is on the list. Thankfully it made it through to girls no problem, but we're not taking any chances of course. Thankfully, there is an easy fix. We simply took the old crib back to the store (minus the missing hardware we couldn't find and plus several chew marks from Maya's cranky stage) and received a full refund for a new crib.

The mess is her very favorite part.
With our firstborn, we managed to gather together a ton of hand-me-down things from friends. Our second, of course, added the final touches of hard won wear and tear on all of that gear.

This means that pip (as he or she has come to be known - and this alludes neither to a gender nor a name preference) will have the unique privilege of newly purchased gear. Quite a lot of it actually.

Is there any wonder? What fun!
And really, the shopping is making the whole waiting-for-baby process a lot of fun!

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Anna Scott Graham said...

I noted that crib recall, wondering if ours would have made the list. So glad it was simple to sort! I also enjoy seeing Elliot up to her elbows in dough... :)))


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