Friday, January 28, 2011


 Hooray. I've emerged from that awkward stage. For the past month I have looked exactly as though I've overindulged at Christmas. Now ( I want to say finally, but I wasn't showing with my firstborn until after the 20th week) I'm sporting a much more maternal profile.

It's not just the bagels, I swear!
There's no question, a baby will be joining us in just a few months.

As my list of "To do before baby" grows long and my energy reserves grow short, I'm focusing instead on enjoying this lull before the chaos

Elle "baking" cupcakes in her kitchen.
Favorite moments this week include Elle's new habit of sticking her head under my shirt, by my belly, and saying, "I'm the baby!" Also, Maya's constant name suggestions, ranging from Felix and Franny to Hunca Munca and Katie. Elle lobbies for Gola.

If mom's too busy to play Trouble, there is always another option! She played a whole (surprisingly competitive) game with these guys!

I've made it clear that I have the final say!


Anna Scott Graham said...

Yeah for baby bumps!! My but those bagels look appealing... :)))

Mary-Catherine Austin said...

I have a bunch of name boy names for you!!!!!


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