Monday, February 9, 2009

Unlikely Houseguests

Last week, our Love Mobile attracted the attention of passersby, who then decided to take up residence at our house for a bit.

Their names are Itsy and Pink, and they are Love Bugs. A few times a day, they leave love notes for the girls, pointing out all the things Itsy and Pink love about them. Along with the sweet nothings, our little Love Bugs leave sweets: a candy heart for each girl.

At first Maya was a skeptic, even at three years old. "Who are these from? Is Grandma sending these?" But after a few letters, Maya started looking around the house for Itsy and Pink. She stumbled across two cotton balls with a note next to them, apparently the place Itsy and Pink had been sleeping.

So with some prompting but hardly any design help from mom, she decorated a shoe box as a little bedroom for the Love Bugs. She left them a note, saying she loved having company and would love more candy if they had more.

So each day, we're trading notes and getting sweets. It's the start of a whimsical Valentine's tradition, inspired by our latest Family Fun Magazine. In part, it's a great way to liven up the winter hibernation. In part, it's another simple and silly way to celebrate love during a Hallmark holiday that's gotten carried away (the diamond ring adverts right now crack me up.... don't they know we're in a recession?).

But I'm mostly enjoying it because it is inspiring Maya to be more imaginative... and to share candy hearts with her sister.

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