Thursday, February 5, 2009

The LOVE Mobile

Today I could tell you so many stories.

The one about Elliot's check up yesterday, when Maya valiantly defended her sister from the torture of vaccinations. A battle she ultimately lost.

The one about Elliot's long night, up hourly, feverish and so disappointed that her sister hadn't prevailed. Dang shots.

The one about preschool drop off this morning, while still feverish Elliot clung to her doll and moaned in forlorn agony whenever I had to put her down. And silly mom forgot the snow boots and had no milk, so Elliot (with the attached doll) was drug to school, home for the boots, back to school, to the grocery store, and now, finally she sleeps.

But those stories all have a bit of crabbiness to them, and I had my crabby post up all day yesterday.

Instead, I'll tell you about our Love Mobile. Keeping up a tradition we began last year, Maya's Love Mobile once again graces the entrance to our house like Valentine's Day mistletoe.

Each heart represents something she loves, and we are still adding to it all of the time. In addition to the people in her life, things like "Ice Cream with Sprinkles," "Obama," and "Visiting the Animals at the Zoo," have all made the list.

It was a fun project, and a good way to talk about Valentine's Day beyond the Hallmark kitsch.

And it was the very opposite of crabby!


Bonnie said...

Grandma's thinking she should head your way for a Love fix!

Sarah said...



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