Friday, January 21, 2011

Borrowed Words Today

I seem to have run out. We're battling a poltergeist again. It's been six months or so... we're due. I'll borrow today from a great writer who thrilled us three during reading time (our ritual 1:00 kitten pile under the covers in my room where sometimes we read a whole Magic Treehouse or five Bedtime with Buddha books before moving on with our day).

The following poem was my favorite, not theirs (theirs was the one about the king whose mouth got stuck shut on a peanut butter sandwich!)

Outside or Underneath?

Bob bought a hundred-dollar suit
But couldn't afford any underwear.
Says he, "If your outside looks real good
No one will know what's under there."

Jack bought some hundred-dollar shorts
But wore a suit with rips and tears.
Says he, "It won't matter what people see
As long as I know what's under there."

Tom bought a flute and a box of crayons,
Some bread and cheese and a golden pear.
And as for his suit or his underwear
He doesn't think about them much . . . or care.

Shel Silverstein, A Light in the Attic
(sending out a reiterated Christmas thanks to Mimi for a much coveted 1987 gift.)

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