Monday, January 24, 2011

Creature Comforts

Elliot loves her creatures, especially the tiniest ones. Little horses, pigs, frogs, and babies are the focus of nearly all of her games. She spends hours moving her creatures through the world that is her dollhouse and the little farm.

When she returned to her preschool class today (after an extra long winter break), she immediately bypassed the craft and the play-dough, the tub full of toy trucks half buried in oat meal, and the stack of new puzzles. As always, she dashed straight for her farm and her creatures and doll houses.

Like her mother, when she finds something she likes, this kid sticks with it!

1 comment:

Anna Scott Graham said...

Those little tables and chairs look so much like the dollhouse mine had as kids! They had a farm too, spent hours at it...


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