Monday, January 17, 2011


The bagels were the highlight of my weekend, gastronomically speaking. Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day has an amazingly simple recipe.

I may never buy store bought bagels again.

Of course, they disappeared too quickly for a picture... unlike the French bread I made on Saturday. It tasted delightful, but it looked rather... odd. We served the bread with lunch. The girls had PB&J while Joe and I made an herbed olive and feta spread complimented with a fruit and veggie platter big enough to offset my carb guilt. Maya's was the pregnancy of pickles; Elle's was the pregnancy of ice cream (and oddly, much less weight gain); and this is shaping up to be the pregnancy of bread (and ice cream and pickles).

Unlike the bagels, the French bread deserved a photo. I'll reserve my commentary, as this is a family blog. But it did make me giggle.


Anna said...

That is a pretty funny loaf of bread!!

As for bagels, oh my goodness!! I make them in the UK, but as a carb hound, that recipe makes me want to get back to work! :)))

Amy Sullivan said...

So you crack me up, and your fort is AMAZING!

Mary-Catherine Austin said...

I totally no think it is a boy. No dought in my mind. The bagels sound great!!!!


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