Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Word by Word

This is going to be a quiet corner on the web for the rest of the month. Pictures here and there perhaps, but little else. I'm funneling every word I can spare into the annual National Novel Writing Month. I'll still be writing over at Doing Good Together a couple of times each week, so if you want a peek at the girls from that angle, just head over there.

This year, inspired by the riveting, frightening, and hysterical book Super Sad True Love Story, I'm trying my hand at satire. My own humorous reflection on the state of the world is Sister Savior, and just three thousand words in, I now understand why every review of Shteyngart''s work included some version of the following: "Satire is notoriously difficult to pull off."

Unlike my 2008 attempt though, my goal this year is a finished product that potentially deserves the love and attention of a second draft. So off I go, word by word to build a satirical novel in November worthy of attention in December and beyond.


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