Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We spent our day at Pinehaven Farms, visiting our chickens in their lovely new home. Shockingly, we recognized all four of them easily, even amid their new coop mates. I wouldn't have predicted that. Now we know, a chicken is not just a chicken.

They are definitely living the good life over there, amid a whole fleet of other animals. There were kittens scampering around, so tame the girls tried to take them home (this time I was firm... no making that mistake twice!).
After a brief battle over how many layers it might take to stave off hypothermia, we made the rounds in the neighborhood as well, wrapping up Halloween 2010.

For Maya's daytime costume, she wanted to go to the farm dressed as a real farmer... you know, just the boots and jeans and a normal shirt. Ha!


elacorn said...

I love that you and joe dressed up as well. now, tell me, how much candy have you snuck from the girls? :o)

Sarah said...

Ha! I stole enough candy last night that this morning I convinced the girls that it would be nice to ship all of our candy away to soldiers through Operation Grateful. They each saved five pieces (which they were more than happy about) and the rest is gone! Phew....

Now I just have to stop baking. I don't know how you do it Erika!

Anna said...

Lovely pictures! I guess a chicken is not JUST any chicken... :)))


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