Monday, November 15, 2010

Half Way

Somehow, November is half gone. The November book writing craze is half over, and for better or worse, my humble attempt is half way (plus a little) to the final word count goal of 50,000 words. At least I can say that this second earnest attempt at NaNoWriMo is significantly less terrible than the first one. The story has a bit of an arc, the characters are becoming a little more interesting every day, and at least I am not bored with the topic yet.

While I just don't seem to have the energy to keep up with the girls, keep up with the word count, and manage both blogs, I have missed a few major points of interest that would otherwise have made it on Growing!

 The pictures can speak for our fun in this year's very first snow. I'll try to catch a video of Elliot referring to something (the cat, the baby at ECFE, a dead ladybug) as "such a cute little crumb cake" with the overbearing affection of a sitcom great aunt.

But I really should take time to savor that moment when I witnessed the first pick-up line Maya ever received.

She ran into an old friend from way back... Her first year of preschool, a cute little guy named Grant followed her all over the classroom. When he spotted her at the grocery store last week, he was clearly as besotted as ever. He dashed past the lettuce to catch up to us at the grapes. He opened with a debonaire, "Hi Maya." Then turned back to his mom, who happens to be a teacher at Maya's school, "Look mom, it's Maya." His little boy voice carried to where she was hurrying to catch up with him.

Meanwhile, Maya smiled curiously while she asked, "Mom, who is that."

I don't think those two have seen each other for two years, and given the odd amnesia of childhood, I'm not surprised she didn't remember.

The kids spent the next half hour waving at each other while his mom and I leapfrogged over one another in an attempt to scavenge for the items on our lists. Somewhere over by the canned goods, Grant laid out his best line with the timid honesty of a five year old. "Mom, I really like her, can we buy her some candy?"

As we checked out, coincidentally in adjacent check out lines, he ferried over the piece of candy he had begged from his mom. If only I had a camera to capture that look on Maya's face!


Anna said...

Oh my goodness, that is the most precious story ever!! Grant will never forget Maya, so sweet!!

That snow looks beautiful! Yesterday I wore shorts and a t-shirt, temps bizarrely in the upper 70's, but that's California for you... :)))

Been watching that word count grow, well done!! Keep writing... :)))

Andrea said...

that's so cute! I can't believe it's winter there. I was literally confused by the snow in those photos.
See you so soon!


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