Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What the Storm Blew In

This fall of unseasonably warm days and shockingly blue skies has kept us in denial. Today, there is no denying that the next season, with its forced hermitage and excessive darkness, is bearing down on us.

This year, though, the cold weather may not feel so stifling.

I haven't seen the girls in two hours. They are deep within an expansive fort of sheets and pillows and heavy-duty paper binders. I hear the occasional shrill "Neigh" and the offer of a carrot. I see them climb the stairs on all fours, ponies wrapped in blankets tucked under their arms. I have to intervene, slightly, when they attempt the return journey down the stairs head first on all fours. Um, not a good idea. But beyond that, they are content in their own little world.

What good timing, as I'm scrambling to put together an outline for this year's National Novel Writing Month. Nanowrimo is just around the corner, and it looks like this might be a good year to finish a project! What about you? Is anyone else interested in participating. There is just enough time to cobble together an idea and see where it leads!

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Anna said...

A magical time is upon you when little girls emerge, leaving all traces of baby and toddlerhood behind. Now comes the self-awareness and fantastic thrill of... childhood! Congrats and well done on making that transition so effortless for them... (Especially getting DOWN the stairs as a pony!)

Oh and good luck with that novel... :)))


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