Friday, September 3, 2010

Girl at Work

We spent a week without television a while back. It was a simple detox-style effort. I had been relying on television to occupy Maya while Elliot napped. Some days that wasn't much, but sometimes whole afternoons could be devoured by James and the Giant Peach.

Meanwhile of course, I wrote or blogged.

The habit had crept up on us. When I realized Maya was really watching two hours of television a day, I knew it was time to turn off the Samsung babysitter.

And guess what, she didn't even protest. Much. After one round of begging, she trotted off to her easel, and she hasn't stopped since. When I turn the last page of our nap time book, Maya gets to work expressing her current vision. Our gallery is growing, I'm still getting some quiet for writing, and while the TV is back on, it no longer dominates. Suddenly we all have more room for creativity!

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