Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Five years into this whole edible backyard  hobby, I finally have a fruit harvest. Both girls graze on our newly productive strawberry patch, so few make their way inside. But by next year we should have enough for shortcake and jam and homemade strawberry ice cream.

The same goes for the kiwi-gold raspberry bush now claiming a huge corner of the front flower bed. I envision them in a salad at some point, with blue cheese and a good vinnegrette. For now, fresh and warmed in the sun is enough of a delight.

Then there is the watermelon. Just a few of these personal-sized beauties are getting big enough to eat. Twice this month, Elle has been swept away by her own enthusiasm, harvesting a baby melon before its time. Finally, today, we pulled the big daddy of tiny watermelons.

It was rosy and sweet and delicious, and the girls are pretty sure they invented seed spitting!

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Anna said...

Berries and melon!! A wonderful end to summer...


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