Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Own Milestone!

This morning, bundled up against this lovely fall air and camped out on our sun-drenched deck, I passed the 20,000 word mark in my new project. In the last month I finally declared the old project dead, after months of spinning my wheels.

A year actually. How did that happen?

This morning, before the writing, it was Joe's turn to sleep in, so the girls and I made pancakes. Crepes really, to be topped with nutella and banana. This is everyone's favorite, and so everyone was happy.

Everyone was happy, until Maya took her first bite and declared, "We're running out of time."

I checked the clock. It is 8 A.M. on the second day in a three-day weekend. For once, I felt like time was piled up at my feet to be spent recklessly. When I asked what she meant she elaborated, "First we have to have breakfast, then clean up, then dad will wake up and we'll plan and the day will be done."

How is it that at 5 she already shares that sense that the moment is slipping away? My girl. My worrier. Of course, the beauty of 5 is that worries slip away just as quickly as time, and soon she was off with her dad and sister to the park, and I was clicking away at the keys.

And for now, while there is time, this new project flies. It is a thread picked up from last November's sadly abandoned Nano project. It is deliciously free of the over-planning that strangled the last project. It is building momentum, and it feels so effortless to move my main character through each scene. Truly, fly-by-night nanowrimo-style writing is so much fun. And hopefully this draft will not only reach completion... but will receive much-needed edits as well!


Genie of the Shell said...

Hooray! You give me hope that I can be a mom and keep writing at the same time. I have a great husband who seems like he will make a wonderful dad and who has always been a supporter of my writing. That really helps, huh? :)

Good luck with your new project!

Anna said...

Wonderful!!! So good to get those words flowing...

Maya makes me smile. The time does fly, but while we have it within our grasp, may the paragraphs continue to collect, that manuscript building to completion... Well done!!


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