Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Gonna Blow!

Ever wonder what to do with all of that gray or cream colored play-dough that the kids created out of happier colors on colder days?

During a brief monsoon that tore through last weekend, we brought out all of those little yellow containers of barely malleable dough and made something new. Something better.

A volcano! It was Maya's idea. She had been to summer camp earlier in the week, and was in love with the relationship between baking soda and vinegar. Almost as in love with it as with her preschool-teacher-turned-summer-camp-organizer... the famous Miss Krysta.

Maya eyed the play-dough skeptically, assuring me that Miss Krysta did NOT use play dough.

Well, guess who made the cooler volcano? Yes, mom reigned supreme with this little trick. A tiny tea cup from the play room wedged into the dough perfectly holds a teaspoon or so each of vinegar and baking soda, plus a couple of drops of red food dye.

The predictable result mesmerized both girls. They took turns exploding and re-exploding the volcano until the rain stopped. It was the perfect rainy day project.

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