Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Wonderlanding: A Whimsical Play House

That's what they're calling it, this haven that dad built. The Wonderlanding is actually just the upstairs portion. As a whole, it is known as the Princess Pavilion. Maya is working on the sign as I type.

With just a tiny bit of help from the design plans I found at Family Fun (which he vastly improved upon!) and his father's power tools, Joe created Wedgewood Court's new neighborhood hot spot.

It has two stories and a pulley-system to facilitate elaborate sandbox picnics.

The lattice walls simplified construction and give the place an airy feel. Just wait until our English Ivy starts growing up through it!

Joe and Maya still have a few finishing touches planned, including the sign, a canvas roof, a telescope, and perhaps a control panel. We are hoping it will evolve as the girls grow into their own ideas. This just might be the most fun place to hang out since Clear Lake was adorned with my own childhood tree house and play house.

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Jessica said...

How cool! I can't wait to visit the new play house! Have a great weekend everyone!


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