Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Week Away

I photographed the garden just before we left, somewhat heartbroken to miss the lilies in bloom and the first miraculous harvest. Of course, a week relaxing lakeside with the girls and attending myriad family gatherings was more than enough to lure me away.

I took another picture when we returned, and the result is like a Highlights magazine. Can you spot the difference between when we left and when we got home?

Joe wasn't much impressed, so maybe my delight comes from the transformation on a smaller scale. In just 10 days, the garden doubled in size, bloom, and bounty. We're floating in peas, green beans, and squash over here. Between the lilies and the bee balm and rafts of runaway pansies, the oasis is spectacular just in time for a quiet week at home.

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elacorn said...

I love that section of Highlights! LOL!


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