Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Glittery Guests

Our latest house guests shed glitter!

Remember the Love Bugs from last year? Maya has asked for a return visit from them all year long, and finally, finally they are back. Late last week she discovered a few beads, some glitter, and a note from Itsy and Pink stashed on the doll house bed. Since then, Maya and Elle have exchanged notes and treats with them several times a day.

Mostly, Itsy and Pink have been leaving tiny wooden necklace beads and string (remarkably similar to the Melissa & Doug wooden butterfly necklace kit), but from time to time they offer up a candy heart to the girls, always with a note pointing
out what they love about Maya and Elliot.

It is convenient that the Love Bugs shed glitter. Maya takes any speck of glitter, even the few piles curiously found on the freshly fallen snow (never-mind the glitter stuck to my mittens), as a sure sign that Itsy and Pink have been playing nearby. At a time when class Valentine's cards have spread a lot of the messy stuff around our house, there is no end to Maya's hunt for a glimpse of these elusive house guests.

Maya points to her favorite Valentine's card. She has been busy, busy, busy.


Bonnie said...

Happy Valentines Day to the Aadlands! Enjoy all the excitement! Love MOM

Andrea said...

Really excited to see my love bugs soon!


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