Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stroll Through Summer Showers

Our summer officially began this week. Leisurely walks in the park, child-led meandering, and a general do-what-we-feel-like attitude. The unscheduled life is perfect for me.... as are coffee shops with built-in, creatively done, baby-proof play areas in them. Java Train is the best!

Today we were actually quite industrious with thank you letters and noodle necklaces. We were stuck inside due to the rain. Well, stuck for a bit anyway. Then we busted out for a Water Walk, as Elliot likes to say. Of course, it comes out "wata wok" because her one-year-old tongue hasn't mastered pronunciation. We find the effect charming!

Here are a few shots of our Wata Wok... Elliot didn't stop moving the entire time, so unfortunately she's blurry in all of them.

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