Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home Sweetly-Crafted Home

Braving the cold wet north of middle America, the girls' Oklahoma Greats arrived yesterday and, with great fanfare, unveiled their hand-crafted doll house.

The three story, six room house, complete with real shingles and lace curtains, recalls lovely childhood memories of the dollhouse they made years ago for me, my siblings, and my cousins. I am almost as eager as the girls to spend this quiet rainy day playing with the doll house and its little family.

My girls are still so little, I will have to defend the house from them for a bit, or at least earnestly teach them how to handle it with a bit of care. Elliot seems interested in the house's ladder-like quality, and some of the small pieces pose a choking hazard for now. We'll have to put those bits away until they are older, and wait a year or two to add to the set. Our old house had a teeny tiny tea set and plates of food reminiscent of Beatrix Potter's Tale of Two Bad Mice. We'll track these amenities down as the girls get a little older. And we'll wait a while to add the deck railings... those seemed entirely too fragile to add now!

Of course, the house is already a hit. Elliot has to be physically removed from it if the rest of us want to leave the room, and Maya headed straight there when she woke up. Our new neighborhood kids thought we were getting a dog right away (a purse-sized dog could probably be quite comfortable in this house), and nearly followed us in when they realized we were carrying a doll house.

Assuming I can defend the house from Elliot's eagerness and keep a bottle of wood glue handy, this house will offer years, possibly generations of entertainment. I couldn't be more excited!

Oh, and take a minute to examine the artwork. See anyone you know?


Anonymous said...

WOW! That is some doll house!! I noticed the girls pic on the walls right away! Just adorable! Such detail! Say Hi to MiMi and Mel from Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely amazing!! I'm going to come over and play with it some time after the girls go to bed.... :)



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