Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fair Weather Campers

Alternative Title:

Birthday Girl Swallowed by Giant Frog on Super Granola Camping Trip

Or wait...

Birthday Girl and Birthday Sister Thrilled By Upgrade From Freezing Campsite to Cozy Poolside Hotel Room

We had the best of intentions. Honestly! We hoped to spend Maya's birthday weekend exploring the trails in Gooseberry State Park, toasting hot dogs for dinner, and sleeping under the stars.

Unfortunately, it was a drizzly 39 degree night Saturday night. Thanks to modern Doppler radar and a vast array of acquaintances offering frequent dire weather reports, we didn't even bother to pack the sleeping bags.

Instead, we got in a few good hikes when the temperature peaked at about 55 degrees. We shared elaborate and messy picnics along the Gooseberry River both days (why do I keep making peanut butter and jelly as a "traveling" food?!).

We did run into a bit of good luck. The first weekend in June happens to be Minnesota State Parks Open House, meaning no permits or entry fees required. We toured the Split Rock light house, and parked in three different parks without having to buy our parking permit. It was also "Take a Kid Fishing Weekend," meaning adults with a kid under 18 could fish without a permit. This appears to be an annual event in Minnesota, so we'll have to keep it in mind for next year.

A bit after our picnic, when Elliot started cramming her hands down the back of my shirt and complaining, "cold... I want cozy," we ran for the Silver Bay AmericInn and its lovely indoor pool. Maya was still able to set up her tent in the room, so our promise of a "camping trip" seemed fulfilled in her eyes, and we were all able to enjoy a relaxing Saturday evening.

Now, let's hope they don't equate future camping trips with hotel stays!

We did luck out, stumbling on the tamest deer I've ever seen. They barely looked up when we passed.

As our very first family vacation, the weekend went remarkably well. We all had fun, got some much needed adventure time together, and gained enough confidence to start planning the next camping trip. Hopefully by August, the weather will cooperate!

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Erik said...

Love it! What fun! Glad that you could make a really dreary weekend into a great weekend for the whole family!



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