Sunday, June 7, 2009

Birthday Flashback for Posterity

Maya's fourth birthday observance was quite the bash. Though it was a quiet family affair, attend by the same trio that attended her birth four years earlier, we managed to thoroughly and completely wear her out.

The gift opening, made spectacular by our generous and widely dispersed family, was as frenzied as you would expect.

The cake, a gift from Maya's doula/almost-aunt/partner-in-crime, catered to Maya's unique specifications. When asked what kind of cake she wanted, Maya's response wasn't "chocolate" or "Dora." No, our girl requested a cake with a picture of her mom and dad on it.

Thankfully, this friend of ours since wilder college days picked a remarkably uncompromising picture... the perfect picture in fact...

Then we were off to ComoTown, for the rides and a bit of the zoo. Mostly rides. Elliot accompanied Maya on a few old favorites, and then, can you believe it, Maya rode her very first roller coaster!

That's my girl!

The grand finale was a trip to Red Robin. While it didn't enthrall the adults, Maya was thrilled to have her turn at the free dessert.

Over indulged? Absolutely! Overstimulated? Yup... Too much sugar? No argument...

And it was a very Happy Birthday!

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Bonnie said...

What a great birthday!!! Now on to being a big 4 year old this summer!!!


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