Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Now I know

Last week was my first full week without writing in more than a year and a half, and it's official. I'm a writer. One who writes. Published or not. Good or not.

I need to write.

My sanity swung shakily on rusty hinges all week. By Friday, I was teary at the drop of a hat and seriously plotting an escape from my life. Not permanently... of course. I love my girls and hubby and much of my life too much for that.

But last week, every spare second was swallowed up. Nap times, post bedtimes, and even Cassie's cleverly effective dinner time escape. Every second was just gone, and I was beat. Without any time to siphon off a few words or thoughts or scenes, I was much worse off than I should have been.

Only a few days after my breakdown, after a few days of focused writing sessions and a little daydreaming, I feel fine again. Centered. Happy, even.

And now that I've reconnected with my story, the words are flying again. It's fabulous. The writing may not be any good at all, but now I know that doesn't matter as much as the fact that the words are flowing, the ideas are coming, and somehow, that is keeping me sane.

So I write.


Anna said...

oh WOW!!! sorry you took the brunt of no words, but that is so darn....

COOL!! :)))

(in a weird, have I lost my mind sort of way...)

there are things we need to do for US as women, people, human beings desiring creative outlets. when that release is found, oh goodness... then comes such...

JOY! hee hee...

Genie of the Shell said...

Good vibes from Michigan! I'm trying to write a story, too, and it's challenging to keep up the momentum when so many important elements of life are clamoring for attention. I just squeeze in the writing when I can. Are you involved with any supportive writing groups?


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