Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sun, Spring, and a New Face

Clearly, I've overcome my identity issues. The cure? The perfect spring day.

This day was the vision of at-home life that drove me to quit my stinkin' job in the first place (thank goodness... can't imagine nonprofit development is a great field at the moment).

We were outside all day. Maya lured the neighbor kids into our backyard with the promise of open space and chickens. Silly kid laughter and squeals mingled with astonished chicken chirps. And there was time enough for mud pies and tag.

This day was part industriousness, as I raked pine cones and poked around in flower beds for the first shy green shoots. And it was part indulgence, as we dashed off for ice cream and a romp in the park.

We're all a bit pink (oops, forgot to dig out the sunscreen), and completely worn out... A simply unbeatable day!

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Joe said...

I love the new look...very "green"!


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