Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Identity Crisis

Not me, the blog.... I'm sick of the old look and can't stand anything I've dug up so far. So for now... it's naked....

Speaking of identities in motion, Maya has given me a glimpse of what her teen years may be like with her frequent fluctuations this week. One minute, she is so sweet and loving, drawing complements from other mothers at preschool about what a good "sharer" she is.

The next, she is warring with a good friend and frequent playmate over a doll that, I swear, I've never seen her play with before. She brought out an alarming combination of Popeye and the Hulk (better stop letting her watch the Boomerang network!), as she stormed around... Ultimately, and sheepishly, I had to ask our friends to head home.

And then, blink, there she is in the grocery store, politely asking if she can put some carrots and cucumbers in the cart because they are her favorite.

At the playground with friends, she was playing snack thief among other people's children, without the subtly such deviousness deserves. But then just a bit later, she was the image of civility, the only one of her peers that didn't fight when it was time to leave.

It is all typical kid stuff, but it is amazing to witness and challenging to parent.

No wonder I can't settle on a blog "look."

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