Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cough Suppressant

Thankfully, the girls are perfectly distractable, despite feeling less than fantastic.

Whose idea was it to pull all of the children's cough syrup off the market, anyway? The reality of our family-wide cold epidemic means that I can't take NyQuil because most likely someone will need me in the wee hours, and there is nothing I can give them.

So we cough. We wake ourselves up. We wake each other up.... ugh.

As for home remedies, Maya thought she'd hit the lottery when I offered her that first teaspoon of honey.

Now, just a few days later, she runs from me. Truly, honey is gross by the spoonful... and it doesn't even work that well.

According to this Mother Nature article, even the Vics we've been using isn't proven to help at all. So all we have left are the basics, plenty of fluids and chicken soup.

At least in just two days, Maya will hit the 10 day mark and I can justify a trip to the doctor! And surprisingly, in spite of the hacking, everyone seems to be in a cheery mood!

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