Monday, February 16, 2009

Quiet Days

Four bad colds have descended on the inhabitants of our house. Four hacking coughs, four sore throats, four sets of achey muscles.... Blah.

This has made for some quiet days. Rambunctious, stir crazy play lasts for all of ten minutes. It might be a ten minute dance party or ten minutes hiding from the Daddy Tickle Monster.

Last night it was ten minutes of an original one girl Broadway show featuring the never ending, made-up song, "I love," in which each line began with "I love" and ended with a long string of disconnected and exceedingly cute observations. Too bad her parents were too tired to write any of them down!

After 10 minutes of fun, though, everyone crashes. One minute Elliot is dressing her dolls and putting them in their doll bed, and the next, Maya has taken over the doll bed, insisting that she needs to take a pretend nap.

Countless movies, jars of Vics Vapor Rub, and teaspoons of honey have me wondering....

Why hasn't someone invented some sort of preschool body spray. As the kids enter their classroom, they're all doused in some sort of kid-friendly, carcinogen free, cold-killing goo (not purel, new research suggests that actually helps spread the common cold), and then again as they leave.

That way, maybe the families of preschoolers would be spared the 3,000 colds each season.

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