Thursday, February 19, 2009


This upper respiratory virus continues to plague our house. Given its tendency to make us all wheeze and cough like seasoned smokers, we've dubbed her Delores.

It started as a bad joke simply to pass the time while I laughed, then wheezed, then coughed before starting a sentence. After a week and a half, it has stuck. Delores she is.

Delores is feisty, and is giving up ground with great reluctance.

She has sapped Maya's energy, and prevented me from sleeping for too many nights. At our brief visit yesterday, the doctor assured me that she's just viral, and suggested pediatric Claratin to quiet Delores long enough for the rest of us to sleep. So far, so good.

Clearly, Elliot remains bright and chipper as ever. She's been clattering around the house in her Elmo slippers, treating Elmo to many snacks, and speaking whole sentences. Thankfully, I can now translate every fifth word or so. " Water" or "lunch" or "broke".... she has more words every day.

Hopefully "Delores" won't make it into her repetoire. Hopefully Delores is almost finished with our house!

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