Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ready, Set... Battle!

Marathon battles with a preschooler almost kept us from making it to class.

It was Elliot's first day of ECFE, a simple learn-how-to-be-away-from-mama sort of class, so all three of us needed to be dressed for public interaction (instead of jammies under our coats.... I confess, Elliot and I don't always get put together before dropping Maya off).

I started early... an hour early! Elliot and I were dressed and ready.

Unfortunately, Maya fell apart over nearly every decision.

Which princess unders to wear? She wanted the pair still in the laundry....

Which ponytail holder to wear? It took me 20 minutes to figure out that she wanted me to braid it.... after first trying everything right down to putting Christmas ribbons in there....

Which pair of mittens to put on? Of course she found one with no mate....

It was exhausting! I almost called the whole thing off..... I almost threw my own tantrum....

Thankfully, I didn't. Elliot loved her class, keeping up with a room full of two year olds without any trouble. Maya learned the letter "O", and I got to spend an hour with other adults, drinking coffee, and talking about how hopeful we all are about the new administration.

And the girls were so worn out that they practically put themselves down for a nap. Contrary to my instincts, a rough start doesn't always mean we should crawl back into bed.

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