Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Instant Meme Ten

Pulled off of PBW... A good time waster for a girl who can't wrap her head around her plot structure.

Ten Things from the Imagination Prompt Generator
(along with my answers)

What keeps you going?

Coffee.... too easy? My spa bathtub and a glass of wine... I confess... I'm a little generic... but it's the truth

Describe each member of your family.

Oh dear... How about this... Witty & Easygoing... Witty & Easygoing Jr... Witty & Intense & Highstrung ... and Playful & Highstrung

Did it snow much when you were a child?

I was snowed in once for over a month... the snow was up to our roof in parts, and we made a sled run off of the house!

Write a letter to someone you appreciate.

Dear Public Radio, Thank you for being my rock, my connection to the world of meaningful adult conversation. Without you, my conversations would all start with "You wouldn't believe what my daughter did..." and end with some horribly inappropriate story about bodily fluids. Thanks for saving me and those I love from that fate. ~ Sarah

Do you believe that today can be the ‘first day of the rest of your life?’

Well, monumental lifestyle changes aren't really in the cards at the moment... but I do believe I'll probably start eating healthier, watching less TV, and practicing daily meditations.... next Monday.... or the Monday after that.

I remember . . .

Sunshine... warm grass on barefeet.... digging in the dirt... BLAH! I'm sick of winter!

Look at your hands. Why are you grateful for them?

Um, because they are excellent chip and dip dispensers?

If I could trade in my adulthood for a second childhood, I'd...

Run off barefoot into the trees behind my house and not come home until supper.... And I wouldn't rush a moment with that whole "I wish I could be 11... 11 is sooo mature" crap that I obsessed over when I was 8.

Name five things laying around your computer.

Baby monitor, yoga fitness ball, two child-sized cowboy hats, one kaleidoscope, and a dryer sheet... this place is a mess!

How would you rate your self image?

If headed to some sort of reunion? Not so good. Otherwise? Outstanding!

If you'd like some different prompts, visit the Creativity Portal's Imagination Prompt Generator.


Anna said...

there are errant dryer sheets EVERYWHERE in my house!!

love the purpose of your hands!! mmmm....

and I should be reading aloud, but perusing your blog is much more fun!!

Sarah said...

Yep, thought I just cleaned up... still found a dryer sheet stuck under a pillow on the couch... the little buggers :)


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