Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pet Store Bribery

The girls and I were so happy so see the mercury move above 10 degrees today!

We headed out to do a little shopping... necessities only of course... we're in a recession. My favorite parenting trick, when restless little ones are sick of sitting in the target shopping cart, is bribery. Of course, I'm health conscious enough not to offer up chocolate.... at least not right away.

My favorite bribe is a trip to the pet store. Petco is always located next to Target. I'm really not sure why that is, but it's incredibly convenient. After purchasing our bananas, 5T stretch pants, and night lights (what an odd combo for one store), the girls can run around, greeting rabbits, hamsters, turtles, birds, and cats. They find it fascinating.

And the promise of a pet store trip keeps them excited through all the boring stuff.

Of course today, I broke my own rule and let them head to the pet store first.... bad idea. It then took two cookies and a box of goldfish to get through Target. Perhaps the experts are right... bribery isn't the best plan.

But it works! :)

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