Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Prodigal Sister

The story first dubbed "Sister Savior" during a brainstorming exercise has won a huge place in my imagination and some of my writing time, though I swear I have now started editing the nano manuscript. We'll see how I do with divided loyalties!

Lilly Cashet, a newly promoted program director at a Mediation Center, is leading a gloriously independent life, surrounded by good friends, a deepening romance, and a fulfilling career. She attributes her satisfaction to the fact that she severed all ties with her family a few year's earlier when her sister Dahlia's so-called miracle launched her into the national spotlight as the suspected second-coming. Her biggest challenge is fulfilling the demands of her new job and deciding whether to inform her boyfriend of her connection to the nation's Darling Dahlia.

As the phenomena of Dahlia's fame and followers spreads, however, it becomes impossible for Lilly to maintain her distance. Just before Easter, Dahlia receives a series of assassination and abduction threats targeting her entire family. The FBI and the Catholic Church insist on placing the family under protection until the holiday weekend passes.

Essentially trapped, Lilly is forced to wrestle with her neurotic family and their spiritual clashes. Will she get so engulfed in sisterly disagreements that they all miss the signs that someone has discovered there whereabouts? Will the assassins succeed? And will Lilly ultimately want them too?

I haven't really outlined, researched, or even thought through the cast, so it's likely to change a lot. But this skeleton will hold, I think.

I'm looking forward to working on it over the holiday break, when my own family may offer some inspiration!


Anonymous said...

ok - i love this story idea! :) but you HAVE to keep plugging away on the nano script. i insist. i will never let it go if you don't give it its fair shot.


Anna said...

this is great!!! ooohhh...

remember, a first novel is just that... a first novel. glad you're giving it a poke; don't be daunted!!


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