Monday, December 15, 2008

Best of 2008!

Check out my latest addition to the sidebar. Just below About Me, you'll find the Best of 2007... oops, I mean 2008. This year really did get away from me!

It's a list in progress, and please, feel free to make your own suggestions. These represent my favorite 12 posts of the year, but it was hard to choose. I would love to add your favorites to the list!

It is remarkable how much the girls have changed over the year. It's equally remarkable how cyclical even one year can be. We have enjoyed blissful phases of calm and smooth family fun, interrupted by battles with sleepless nights, toilet training mishaps, and general feelings of being overwhelmed.

If nothing else, this blog has been a helpful way to keep it all in perspective. And, as always, to capture the fleeting moments as they race past us!

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