Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finding our Rhythm

After about two of the cold, dark months of the great North, we've finally found our rhythm.

Let's be honest. It's almost the middle of December. It's taken us a long time to move past the stir-crazy, how-are-we-going-to-survive-a-winter-inside phase. Thankfully, our days have found a rhythm, the girls have discovered how to play with each other, and our odds of making it to April without mommy having to move out to the chicken coop are once again high.

The girls are back into predictable sleep patterns, with Maya happy in her own bed in the basement (monitored of course), and Elliot finally consistently sleeping through the night in her crib.

Dance Party is once again a focal point of our day, complete with a whole new list of songs. Maya now leads us with choreography, and Elliot simply spins around in the classic Dog-Chasing-Tail move.

Also too (sorry, I channel that Palin saying far too often), fort building is once again a staple for those "I'm Bored" moments, because of course, all books and toys are infinitely more interesting in the dark, confined, and constantly caving in space of a living room fort.

Oh yeah, we can do this!

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