Monday, November 3, 2008

Word Count to Date - 13,784

I'm not up to the math, but I think I wrote about 3,400 words today. An unexpected windfall for a Monday, with both girls home.

I should have predicted this. I like my outline, my characters, the nature of my story. So I should never have worried about the word count.

In college, I was the jerk that wrote with half inch margins and 10 point font so I wouldn't go over the 10 or 20 page limit.

I have words bubbling out of every orifice... gross.. no... I mean, they aren't always good words, but I am loquacious if nothing else.

So my worry, no my expectation now, is that this story is going to take A LOT more than 50,000 words to get down in one draft. I'll just have to cut the slack later.

I would still like to finish the draft in November, so I'll try to keep pulling in the big word counts so I can hit 60,000 or 65,0000.

It went really smoothly today though. All the characters are at the farm, the pandemic has hit, misinformation is spreading more chaos than the actual flu. Even I don't really know what's going on... wait, that's bad probably.

Oh well, this is sooo much fun!


Anna said...

hoot hoot!!!

well done... :)))

not knowing what's going on is necessarily bad... interesting. yes, very interesting!!!

Jacki said...

Yay^^ I just managed to hit 10k today, but you're doing way better than I am. Great job!


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