Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank you, Thank you

You are great. All of you. I once posted a gentle reminder that nothing so excites a preschooler as snail mail all their own.

She's too smart to be tricked into thinking credit card spam is for her.

And you have all been fantastic, responding to her letters, tucking in stickers, hair accessories (for her quickly growing hair :), even gift boxes, and generally making her smile every day.
Even Elliot has gotten in on the fun!
What's more remarkable, Maya writes her letters almost completely on her own. She gets the stationary, return labels, stamps, and her roll of Obama stickers, and she assembles the whole thing. If she wants to leave a note, she asks me to write it down for her, but she makes sure that she gets to sign her own name.

Compare this to the 13 year old neighbor across the street, who visited with us while Maya stuffed her outgoing envelopes into the mail slot. The poor kid seemed unclear about which was the return address and which was the actual address.

Is it possible that with the advent of e-mail, snail mail isn't even something kids learn about?

Anyway, if you sent a letter, keep your eyes peeled for the return mail. It may takes us a few days. Today is going to be 75 degrees, so we'll wait for rain!

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Bonnie said...

For love of the mail! She comes by it naturally, her great grandpa, Harold, was a mail carrier and her great, great grandma Alice worked at the Veblen post office!


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