Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 2 - 4,900 words

I eeked out more than 10,000 words over the weekend.

I was so tempted to just run around outside, enjoying the nearly 70 degree weather, which is unheard of in the northern U.S. this time of year.

And I did get quite a bit of that. But I was a good girl. Just as soon as my hubby's ultimate frisbee tournament was over, I dived right in.

This was an easy 10,000, all scenes that I have thought through quite a bit. I was totally surprised by how fun it was, like day dreaming in class in junior high.

Of course today, my characters were camping, something I love to do, and the main love interest was introduced, so that was fun.

A good start though, and it gives me the leeway I need, with two kids with volatile sleep habits!

Tomorrow I'll post a brief expert, since I think I like what I wrote today.


jchart said...

You're doing so well! Great to get ahead a little with the kid factor ;-)

Anna said...

hoot hoot!!! for the words and the weather, both!

can't wait to read... :)))

go, go, go!


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