Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote, Vote!

We're doing our part....

After the theft of three signs (two classic Obama and one sassy sign reading "We are better than these last 8 years"), I am very glad we reserved one last Obama sign for the big day.

I planted it close to our house with the hope that tomorrow morning I can adorn it with balloons... hee hee, maybe not. That might be a bit much.

But let's vote!

I've offered my babysitting services to every like-minded stay at home mom I can think of, and I'm on call for a few moms who are waiting in the long lines of North Minneapolis. They might need me to pick up their preschoolers if they don't get to cast their vote before class ends.

Is there anyone in your life that might need voting assistance? Help out if you can!

We're hoping to mark the day for Maya and Elliot, too, including election day gifts (the Barack and Hillary children's books!), and we'll let Maya cast her own ballot for our evening restaurant destination.

And we'll bring Maya with us to cast our votes later today.
Isn't democracy great when you have an inspiring candidate!?

Here's to HOPE!


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